A Surfeit of Nutters

Leaving the Captain to re-establish his home base and recover from his ear-drops induced indignities, Sidmouth Folk Week was, err, Sidmouth Folk Week. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what we mean. If you haven’t, it’s about time you went: it’s only been going 61 years, and the Logistics Support Officer(a mere beginner) has only notched up some 35 consecutive years. Bit of a shock to be working, with places to be at specific times, but once a year doesn’t hurt I guess. It’s nine days totally orthogonal to the usual universe.

As Biggles and boating don’t figure, and – unfortunately Morris Dancing does – just a few pictures…

Sally & Eilidh

Sally Poozie and Eilidh Poozie gi’in it laldy on the main concert stage. Sally Barker, picked by the recently sacked Tom Jones, came dangerously close to winning BBC’s The Voice but common sense prevailed. A folkie winning a major competition like that – don’t be daft.

 Halsway Hothouse

Put 35 teenagers/complete strangers together for a week’s intensive music making at the splendid Halsway Manor, and what do you get? A stage full of enthusiastic players and singers playing and singing their hearts out (although the backstage medic suggested some other likely results too).

Britannia Coconut Dancer from BacupBritannia Coconut Dancers from Bacup

A couple of pictures of some Nutters… there is absolutely no doubt that the weirdest folk dance tradition in the world comes from Bacup in Lancashire. No contest.

Jackstraws Morris from near FarnhamJackstraws Morris from near Farnham

Some pictures of a few other nutters, this time from Surrey.

Britannia Coconut Dancers from BacupBritannia Coconut Dancers from Bacup

And the chief cook asked for some more pictures of the Nutters. How could one refuse?

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