Nene or Nene

Returning from Sidmouth via Ferndown and Bournemouth with another mound of washing, serious sleep deprivation, and minor coughs, colds and sore throats, we’ve been a little slower getting back to the boat than originally planned. But after moving the Captain and clean washing up to Northampton, returning the car to home then returning by train yesterday, today was spent on chores such as cleaning all the spider webs off, re-fitting the cratch cover, replenishing food and wine stocks, and generally getting the boat ready for some serious cruising on the River Nene, we’re ready for the off at crack of elevenses tomorrow.

The marina here is probably the most pleasant and civilised we’ve moored up in, but with quite a large residential contingent the Captain finds it a bit too full of dogs and other cats for his peace of mind, and can’t wait to be off. Being pretty much in the middle of a large city one expects things to be a bit noisy with the usual sounds of human and vehicular traffic, speeding blues and twos and the like. But we hadn’t expected to be kept awake all night by alternate partying and fighting from two teenage gangs – of Canada Geese. Time for some peace and quiet we think.

Only two things need to be resolved: where we are going, and where the River Nene (pronounced “Nen”) becomes the River Nene (pronounced “Neen”). Life’s full of quandaries.

But before that, there’s kangaroo and Shiraz for tea (don’t ask!)…

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