Route March to March

Well, we made our 9:30 Thursday morning appointment at Stanground Lock, where Tina the Lockkeeper sold us a facilities key (the third one in our rapidly growing collection) and a special windlass, ‘cos their locks aren’t like anyone else’s either…

Stanground LockStanground Lock and Tina

Although the level change wasn’t much, the gloomy pen and huge industrial grade chains made the lock seem somewhat intimidating. Once off into the levels, it was clear we were in a different world.

Middle Levels: en route to March

Long, dead straight drains  or artificial rivers with high reed covered banks meant there was little to see except a big sky. We thought we might stop over for lunch in Whittlesey/Whittlesea of Straw Bear fame but the only mooring was occupied and somewhat far from town. Passing through the only self-operated lock we were likely meet, it was clear they were one of the most tedious on the system. 60 turns to raise or drop a paddle (or penstock, they call it hereabouts). And there are four on the lock. Both muscle and character building.

And on we went, and on, with nowhere to park, watching the boys in blue make a lot of noise overhead, and eventually made it to March, about 5 hours out from Peterborough – a long day for us.

March Visitor MooringMarch Visitor Mooring

The March mooring we found was well received by Sir, the shops were close, the Guinness was about £1.00 a pint cheaper than anywhere else so far this trip, and the nearest pub cooked superb steaks at about half the price of darn-sarf. Result.

March Baptist Church

Mind you, if the local Baptists admit to getting lit up at night, it probably has more to do with electricity than cheap beer…

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