We’re Norfolk and Good

At Salter’s Lode, we were firmly in Norfolk. And it occurred to us that since we left the canal system, and ventured into territory where Tupperware cruisers outnumber the narrowboats, we slowly realised that boat names had become rather bland, and un-noteworthy. The realisation started somewhere around Northampton, probably in reaction to the splendid purveyor of comfy furniture opposite Biggles’ vet called Sofa King, who proudly advertise “You won’t believe our prices – they’re Sofa King low…”

Anyway, having been vaguely collecting some more interesting boat names in our travels, it’s probably time for a round up.

Down on the Basingstoke Canal there was a small narrowboat painted a peculiarly bilious shade of green called The Marrow Boat for which the owner should be shot, and (positively the last one) on the River Thames, not far from Shepperton lock we saw That Wey. Entering the lock as we came out was a rather fine Piper Dutch Barge Nice Butt… which looked way nicer than a rather squat and very wide-beamed barge in Berkhamstead aptly named Fat Bottomed Girl.

In the “rolls off the tongue” category were Not a Scooby, the unrelated Ruby Doo and Oy You Lindy Loo,  while Empty Wallet wins the “patently obvious” category.

There’s been a fair sprinkling of alcohol related shenanigans, including a cruiser making a stand at all the rag dolls decorating narrowboat windows, named Rosé and Gin. Raised a smile but didn’t appeal to the taste buds. Also spotted were Gin and Bare It, WineDown, the ever hopeful Whisky Me Away, and Grand Cru.

Meanwhile, we weren’t sure whether Malingra was an exotic island destination, a misspelt admission or just wishful thinking, while the prize for impenetrability is currently held by Minimal Seedling.

Narrow WatersNarrow Waters

And while Narrow Waters’  name doesn’t really stick in the mind, it wins the prize for the most totally OTT cratch cover and pram hood hands down, seen here near Upwell & Outwell. Normal for Norfolk, one suspects…

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