A Damp Saturday Afternoon in Ely

Suitably moored, fed and watered, we thought we’d take a wander up the hill and see the cathedral area, even though it was clouding up, and rain was forecast.

Ely Cathedral from Cathedral ParkEly Cathedral from Cathedral Park

Approaching through the park, the cathedral really is impressive, perched on top the hill. Bit like Guildford Cathedral, but clearly not built by Wimpey Homes…

Ely Cathedral BuildingsOctagon, Ely Cathedral

Cathedral Rose Garden

Surrounded by other impressive buildings, the chief cook was upset that she wasn’t tall enough to see over the wall and across the (private) rose garden.

You may kiss the BrideBride & Groom

Brides Men & Brides Maidens they made a fine show...

We stumbled across a wedding party sneaking out the side door: they all looked very happy, but SWMBO was not totally convinced by the Bridesmaids’ dresses, even less so by the (two) Maids of Honours’ dresses, which aren’t really in the picture. Probably a good thing.

Ely CathedralBoom!

In keeping with its “Ship of the Fens” image, there seemed to be a cannon to repel boarders, as well as plenty of canons, rural deans and the like.

Cathedral EnvironsCathedral Environs

Oliver Cromwell's House

Oliver Cromwell’s house is now the Tourist Information Centre.

And as the Bank Holiday rain started in earnest, we headed back down the hill to Sir and dinner.

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