Diesel and Steam: Peterborough and Back

The chief trainspotter/cook had decided that we would take the last trip of the day on The Nene Valley Railway, stay the night, then watch the first Sunday departure, which was supposed to be steam hauled. Who were the Captain and I to argue? Pictures were taken.

NVR Rail CarEngine Driver Fran

It's in here somewhere...15:30 to PeterboroughPeep Peep

Chief TrainspotterSong & Dance still there!

Steaming offIncoming...

Tornado, a newly built steam engine was there for a day or so, and supposed to be operating one of the Sunday trips before heading to Scotland, but there were rumours it was unwell. Must be something doing the rounds.

Tornado blowing off steamNVR sheds

Tornado still blowing steamSaddletank to PeterboroughSaddletank to Peterborough

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