Sundials and British Summer Time

After all the photo-shoot excitement and a medicinal Guinness, another wander round Wadenhoe village seemed appropriate. Wadenhoe itself is a positively delightful estate village rising up from the River Nene.

Wadenhoe ChurchJubilee Sundial

Wadenhoe Village from the churchWadenhoe Graveyard

River Nene from Wadenhoe ChurchWadenhoe Church

Unusually, the church is rather away from the village, up on a hill with superb views over the local area. It also sports a Jubilee sundial showing the correct time (in Universal Time of course), two Green Men and this rather glum chap. The sundial also points to the other five Northampton churches visible from that spot.

Wadenhoe CottagesClog Morris Dancer?

Getting carried away by the sunshine, lovely cottages, Green Men and Guinness, the chief cook came dangerously close to morphing into a Northern Clog Morris person but was saved by her refusal to forgo her nice new comfy deck shoes.

Wadenhoe MillDSCF3268

Wadenhoe MillWadenhoe Mill Ford

At the other end of the village from the church, there’s a rather fine mill and accompanying buildings, and the vehicular access (as opposed to pedestrian access) to the field and Nene Way path was the longest ford we’ve seen.

BST SundialAlpaca, Wadenhoe

Not sure what the lonely Alpaca was doing (maybe there’s a song title there somewhere), but the splendidly converted old barn not only had lots of plants for sale, but a sundial strangely set to British Summer Time.

But hey, who’s arguing? 16:00L or 15:00Z, the barn also did splendid cream teas with bilberry scones, and naughty cakes too. Result!

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