Sunshine and Deck Shoes

Sunshine might have been promised, and a chill-out day planned, but an very autumnal misty moisty morning started the day. We didn’t meet a man all clothed in leather, but we did find one with a nice line in leather shoes.

Misty Moisty Morning

The sun soon came out as promised, and Sir went exploring until the dogs showed up.

Biggles explores the pub gardenKing's Head Mooring

River Nene at Wadenhoe

The first officer was busy mixing up some paint to do some much needed touching up when a chap came up and said “We’re doing a photo-shoot  of some deck shoes for our catalogue and web site: could we use the back of your boat?” We said “Sure”, made them a cup of coffee and let them get on with it.


After shooting on and around the back deck they departed saying “Ta everso” and left us each with a very nice pair of smart leather deck shoes each (that would appear to retail at about £60 a pop). Shame they didn’t have two pairs to fit the Captain…

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