Egrets, Training Wheels and a Dovecot

Following the excellent lunch with friends on Monday, we were rather taken by the Kings Arms at Wadenhoe and their moorings, so we’d planned on staying there overnight and partaking of dinner. It’s not a  fancy gastropub with prices to match: it’s just a beautifully situated village pub with large splendid gardens running down to the River Nene, that does home cooked pub food really really well. No fanfares… you could easily walk past the front door and miss it entirely.

Wednesday morning dawned a somewhat overcast, so leaving Fotheringhay wasn’t too much of a wrench.

Despite muttering earlier that we hadn’t seen many little egrets, we soon came across a pair of them… having some kind of punch-up. Then we came across some rowers that seemed to have toddler training wheels on their boats. Another new experience!

Training wheels on a boat?Training wheels on a boat?

On arrival, we established that we were welcome to stay on the pub moorings for a couple of nights, and given that the forecast for Thursday was hot and sunny, resolved to have a chill-out day and explore Wadenhoe properly rather than just rush around before dinner.

Wadenhoe DovecoteWadenhoe Dovecote

Wadenhoe DovecoteWadenhoe

However, wanting some peace and quiet himself, the Captain chucked us out for a short pre-prandial walk, where we stumbled on an old C19 dovecot, complete with built-in rotating ladder for servicing the roosts.

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