Steaks and Stanleys

The Admiral Nelson is a canal side pub towards the bottom of the Braunston flight, and we’d have stopped for a “just past the yard arm” Guinness had we not been working the flight with another boat.

Braunston Bottom LockBraunston Bottom Lock

Happily tied up at the bottom, we went for a late afternoon wander before putting the dinner on: the lady in the local chandlery suggested that The Admiral Nelson was not only the nearest pub but the best in Braunston and renowned for it’s food, so we continued our wander back uphill, eschewing ice creams at the well known Canal Shop just above the bottom lock.

Braunston Narrow House

The Grand Union may be a wide beam canal, but the house on the lock here is decidedly narrow…

Rosie and JimRosie and Jim

…and we found yet another p**s-take of the Rosie and Jim rag doll children’s TV programme, rather in need of a new paint job.

The Admiral NelsonThe Admiral Nelson

The Admiral Nelson was indeed a delightful pub, with plenty of room in the sunshine for that delayed Guinness, comfy sofas, a posh restaurant and friendly staff. A quick glance at the menu, and all thoughts of cooking back on the boat went by the board. If we weren’t too disreputable, scruffy and boating stained we were going to eat in their restaurant, despite filling the boat with half of Tesco and Waitrose. We passed the sartorial inspection.

Stanley Steam CarStanley Steam Car

Stanley Steam CarStanley Steam Car

And while waiting for what proved to be absolutely superb sirloin steak and to-die-for cod and chips, two immaculate Stanley Steam Cars turned up to decorate the car park. A better day!

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