Dances with Dinosaurs

Sir had given the Quartermaster the weekend off to go Morris Dancing around Oxford in the cold – there’s no accounting for taste. With an 11:00 start outside the Pitt Rivers museum and Sue (a morris dancer, and – as it happened – our first guest to stay overnight) needing to be collected from the station, we were somewhat bemused during breakfast to find quite heavy wet snow falling. The first we’d seen all winter, and it had to wait until mid-April! Fortunately, there were quite a few boat movements expected, so the First Officer was unable to join them, needing to ensure no other idiots dragged out the mooring pins, and to be on standby to move the boat if a safer spot became available.

The museum took pity on the dancers and let them dance inside (why?).

Jackstraws Morris - Pitt Rivers MuseumLiquid Lunch

The above pictures courtesy of Shirley Dixon  and nicked from Farcebook – see if you can spot the dinosaurs. Rather like the sign over the musicians, too. Apparently they all retired to a pub for lunch: I shudder to think what was in the pork pies…

Lines!Many a True Word

Ridgeway Step Dancers

With our friends from Yateley Morris and Cropredy Marina (moored just behind us on their boat Tuesday Night) saying they were staying put for the afternoon and would keep an eye on Song & Dance, a visit to town to see the afternoon dancing was risked, particularly as the precipitation had stopped, and the venue was the indoor market.

Joined by the Ridgeway Stepdancers, Jackstraws managed to get their lines straight (at least while stationary) – the liquid lunch hadn’t done too much damage.

Back in the real world, the sun had come out in Broad Street, and lots of people were dancing and watching.

Wicket Brood chap looking a bit off colourJackstraws tossing the caber

This chap seemed to be doing his best not to look like a morris dancer despite the purple face paint, so Jackstraws did their caber-tossing dance. No morris dancer was hurt during the making of this picture.

Jackstraws Morris about to do a runnerJackstraws Morris airborne

FireclogThey even managed to all get airborne at the same time.

These two young girls from Fireclog were attracting considerable interest, too.

On return to the boat, our pins had been put back a couple of times by the Tuesday Night crew, who had then spotted a safer mooring and nabbed it. That’ll teach me to go and watch morris dancers.

After hosing down the sweaty dancers, Biggles stayed in charge on board while the three of us hoped for no more boats moving that evening, went to eat at a nearby Lebanese restaurant, then got hot and sweaty dancing in St. Barnabas’ church to the estimable Simon Care Trio.

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