Wootton Wawen Wander

Friday morning saw a gentle wander down to Wootton Wawen, where a farm shop, café, garden centre, out-of-town farmyard shopping centre and – more importantly – some diesel beckoned. Unfortunately Anglo Welsh had almost run out, only had enough for their hire fleet, and weren’t getting a delivery until Monday. Ah well. And the Captain moaned that there hadn’t been enough pictures of him, so for a quiet life, here’s one of him checking out the crew’s boat handling skills.

Biggles in Command

The café was fine, if busy, the farm shop a little limited, and we had no need of Bridal Ware, expensive horological items or French antiques, so we wandered into Wootton Wawen village itself in search of the local shop that “sold everything”. Except those items that SWMBO wanted: Waitrose or bust it would appear.

Wooton HallSaxon Sanctuary, Wooton Wawen

Wootton Hall looks quite fine, except that it’s the headquarters of a major park homes and caravan company, and the place is surrounded by an enormous and sprawling park/mobile home/caravan site. Next to it sits St. Peters, a rather fine Saxon church: the oldest in Warwickshire. Externally, the rather barn-like lady-chapel addition seems a bit out of character, but inside it’s a fascinating place to potter around.

Saxon Sanctuary, Wooton WawenSaxon Sanctuary, Wooton WawenSaxon Sanctuary, Wooton Wawen

The original Saxon sanctuary is rather fine, and we can’t recall seeing buttresses quite like this before.

Ancestor?Multiracial Britain

In the graveyard, a gravestone commemorating someone who probably isn’t an old relative, and back at the boat, a reminder that we really are becoming a multi-racial society…

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