Lighthouse for Sale

The visitor moorings in Gloucester Docks just by the Severn lock are superbly situated if you want to be close to the noise and hubbub of the waterside bars and restaurants (shades of Gas Street Basin in Brum), but not really suitable for a humiliated Skipper who liked a certain amount of privacy and space to wander and dig. So once tea and buns were over we headed out of the central dock area through Llanthony Bridge to somewhere more cat friendly.

Llanthony BridgeAcross from Llanthony Bridge mooring

The docks refurbishment hadn’t quite got this far so the breakfast room view left a little to be desired, but on the mooring side was a large area of cleared ground, which suited Sir just fine.

High Orchard Bridge

We were tucked in nicely behind the lightship Sula which used to be an alternative therapy centre but is up for sale. We were quite tempted, but thought getting it to Cropredy Marina for the winter might be a challenge too far…


Anyway, the mooring proved eminently suitable, 100 yards from a 24hr Sainsburys one way, 200 yards from the attractions of the docks the other, and – at night – even a little picturesque.

High Orchard BridgeSula

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