HOGs for Lunch, Gloucester Old Spot for Dinner

It was warm and sunny, we’d been invited out for a late Sunday lunch cum early dinner of roast Gloucester Old Spot, so a mornings mooch around the docks seemed the best bet.

Harley Davidson meetMod & Rockers

As we walked across Llanthony Bridge, there was a long roaring roll of thunder in a cloudless sky; turning the corner we found the Birmingham chapter of the Harley Owners Group on a day out. We felt sorry for the solitary Mod if things turned into a bank-holiday dust-up, but none of the H.O.G.s looked under 65, so he might have been OK.

Barge ArmDredger, Barge Arm, Gloucester Docks

The Barge Arm was where we’d had tea at the narrowboat, but the impressive looking Waterways Museum was closed for refurbishment.

Mariner's ChapelLittle and Large

Just around the corner, CaRT were running trips in an old Dunkirk Little Ship (and for the avoidance of doubt, that’s the bigger one in the picture).

Gloucester LockGloucester Lock

The lock itself is indeed pretty big (particularly when you’re at the bottom, with no way off the boat)…

Visitor MooringsGloucester Dock

… and the visitor moorings close to the action, but obviously not to Sir’s liking on a Saturday night!

And with good food, drink, and most important, company later on, a pretty good way to spend a day…

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