Birthday Boy

By doing most of the packing the night before, and going for an early breakfast, we managed to leave Sidmouth by about 09:45 – something of a record. We had to get home, pamper Sir, then rush over to a family 30th Birthday Party for SWMBO’s nephew Ed. Pictures have been requested: here are just a few before we get back to the serious business of Biggles’ adventures in a narrowboat.

Held in the garden, it was a lovely day with warm sunshine and an ever flowing supply of champagne. Can’t be bad.

The Birthday Boy…

The Birthday BoyI'll Huff and I'll Puff

The latest addition to the family – Rufus, along with mum Victoria and dad Henry…

Victoria & RufusVictoria, Henry & Rufus

The Wall of Shame (lovingly assembled by eldest sister Rebecca…

Rebecca, Fran & Wall of ShameWall of Shame

Auntie Frances, and the band…

FranThe Band

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