We Must Be Mad

Although we’d vaguely intended to head up the Shropshire Union, we’d kind of decided not to tackle the Llangollen Branch for several reasons. Firstly, we knew it well – off season – from several previous trips. It’s apparently the most popular stretch of canal on the system, and justifiably so. Secondly, it was school holidays, and with more new marinas and hire fleets (over seven at last count) it was doubtless mobbed with boaters, and we’d rather got used to having the cut more-or-less to ourselves. With rumours of 6 hour queues at Grindley Brook staircase locks, surely any cat heading up to Llangollen in August must want their head tested…

And yet… already four locks up at Swanley Bridge Marina, there seemed little traffic passing. The people at the marina said – at least mid-week – it was pretty quiet up as far as Ellesmere if a bit busy beyond. The Captain liked Ellesmere, and so did we. So, questioning our sanity, we decided to go as far as Ellesmere and then take a more considered view.

Back from the Biggles/Luggage/Car/Train shuffle, we set off on Sunday after lunch for a short meander. Mooring up near Wrenbury Church, with a glorious morning to follow it felt good to be going mad.

Wrenbury Church Visitor Mooring.

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