Marple Redux & Bollington Bound

Leaving Disley on Saturday morning, we somehow contrived to get to Marple just about lunch time, so we had to go and sample the wares at the All Things Nice deli again. It’s a hard life. Then continuing on down the Macclesfield Canal, we cruised the – by now – familiar but delightful stretch down to Higher Poynton and Lord Vernon’s Wharf. There are several views across towards the Lyme Park estate where we had walked on Friday, The Cage folly in particular.

Another familiar sight was this apparently well known chappie, who we’d seen three times before (each time we’d passed through Marple junction) but failed to get a useable picture. We wanted to know what he was and who was his hairdresser.

Crested DuckCrested Duck

We’d speculated he was a (wild) domestic duck with some kind of genetic anomaly, but no, a Farcebook friend said it was definitely a Crested Duck. However, a quick Google shows that Crested Ducks are basically domestic ducks with a genetic mutation, so there you go.

Overnighting again in Poynton, a Sunday morning walk meant we only made it to Bollington before packing up and going round the Discovery Centre there. A lazy Sunday. Well, it would have been lazy, but we were expecting another visitor on Monday, so the cleaning department was scheduled for a tidy up. It’s all go with visitors this canal!

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