Dour & Drizzly Does It

Monday morning and the weather was – how shall we put it? – rubbish. Our friend Tim, (another of the Sidmouth regulars) caught the bus out from Macclesfield, and arrived bearing gifts… some splendid Spearings’ pork pies. They’re a local speciality, quite unlike the normal jelly-filled ones, and quite delicious.

Setting off in the rain, we let Tim steer while we made coffee and so on, and apart from the weather had a pleasant morning’s run down to Macclesfield, where common sense dictated that we moor up at the pontoons just below the Puss in Boots and retire for a warming and protracted lunch. Heading off again, we soon dropped Tim off just below his house, and carried on for a while, finally giving up for the day near Woodhouse Green Narrows (which aren’t).

Unfortunately Tim was unable to join us on the Tuesday, which was a shame – an extra pair of hands would have made the 12 locks of the Bosley flight so much easier. Ah well. We had lunch just above the top lock, then girding our metaphorical loins, we cracked on and got down just before it was time to partake of some medicinal malt whisky – the evenings are definitely cooling down now.

The visitor moorings just below the bottom lock are delightful – there are some pictures here from our trip uphill. We moored just around the corner this time, right by the River Dane Aqueduct, and retired for a well-earned rest after such a tiring day.

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