A Sunny Morning in Leicester

Escaping Richard III, we took the opportunity of a sunny morning to just go for a wander around.

First up, just the other side of the Castle Gardens, was the rather nice square in front of the Castle’s Great Hall (itself now a Business School).

Castle SquareCastle Square - St. Mary de Castro

The church is St. Mary de Castro (sans steeple).

Leicester Cat

Heading out into part of De Montfort University campus via the old gate/tower, madame and a local gentleman ask directions from a local puss who was illegally sunbathing on a double yellow line.

New WalkNew Walk

A pleasant stroll down New Walk (not that new, it’s apparently been traffic free for over 200 years), brings you to the museum and art gallery.

New Walk Museum

The main gallery was preparing itself for a lunchtime Schubert piano recital, so the interesting exhibition in the room next door about Indian music was rather tempered by the practising pianists.

And in honour of Leicester’s multi-cultural environment and café society, we returned to the town centre, and sat in the sunshine at a Portuguese snack bar. Someone who shall remain nameless just adores those naughty pastéis de nata.

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