Guinness & Tequila Sunset

With pretty much all of the laundry done, and unwilling to tarry in Debdale Wharf Multi-Storey Boat Park any longer, by mid Wednesday afternoon we packed up and picked our very carefully out through the multitude of packed boats. On the wharf just outside was Green Matters who may have had the fastest bottom blacking on record.

With only a couple of miles or less to Foxton Junction, and aiming initially for Market Harborough, we’d planned on going as far as Foxton Village – about a mile and a swing bridge from the junction, and for once stuck to the plan. Just before the junction we also passed Joss who we knew were going to Market Harborough for the weekend with Corniche. Didn’t see them, though.

Anyway, we found suitable moorings right by Foxton main street, and went for a wander. The Black Horse pub was closed – maybe until 17:00, maybe not, so headed to the other pub for a recce. Settling down with a glass of the black stuff outside, it came over all glark and doomy, then started raining. Perhaps we’ll stay here and have something to eat, we thought, and maybe the rain will finish before we head back.

Ignore for a moment the irony of a tiny One-Horse village in the Leicestershire boonies having a pub called the Shoulder of Mutton as the first of a proposed chain of franchised restaurants called The Texas Steakhouse. Ponder instead on their Country & Western background music, which every twenty or so minutes featured a track seemingly called Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. Such a universal truism that we can’t help thinking there must be a British traditional equivalent, complete with a Roud index number.

Suitably fed, watered and educated, and with the rain abating, we headed back to the boat, where – sure enough – Doctor Google was our friend. The song is apparently about the songwriter’s grandmother…

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