A Horrible Sense of Deja Vu

One of the reasons we were pretty much dawdling along the Leicester Section summit pound was that we rather fancied giving the highly regarded Butcher and Italian Deli a second chance. Having discovered the place two years ago on the way to Foxton Locks, an attempt to revisit on the return leg failed miserably because their approach to opening hours was somewhat disappointing.

With a shiny new web site, and rave reviews, they were now due to open at 12:00 on Wednesday morning after their weekend closure. And so, leaving our freshly cut hedge behind, we soon tied up near Yelvertoft, and commenced the trek down the hill to stock up on delicious cheeses and prosciutto and sausages and stuff, arriving at 12:05… only to find that yet again the place was shut. There was a sign on the door saying “doing local deliveries – back at 1pm”, but with the pub shut, weather iffy and nowhere to wait etc. we were disinclined to get arrested for loitering.

Phoning the the mobile number in the window elicited the information that actually he was – again – getting his van fixed, and would be back if and when the garage got around to putting a new tyre on. Apparently the local area  is renowned for being one of the “worst areas in the country for potholes”. We were not amused. And wondered why he didn’t get his van fixed when his emporium is supposed to be shut.

A shame TripAdvisor doesn’t include such establishments.

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