A Welford Diversion and A Crepuscular Display

Pottering on gently into October, the weather was a bit unpleasant, with wind and rain setting in, so we ended up not travelling very far, and mooring up at North Kilworth.

North Kilworth Narrows

Last time we were here, they were just starting to dig a new marina opposite all the moored boats between us and the bridge. They’ve still not finished, but – apart from a huge warehouse like building – it looks about ready to fill with water. It’s apparently owned by the Debdale marina people; they’ve used the same long thin metal pontoons, and it will be an even bigger boat park  by the looks of it.. Goodness knows where all the boats are going to come from, and we shudder to think what might happen if they all tried to go boating at the same time!

Welford Wharf

The weather continued vaguely unpleasant on the Monday. We diverted up the Welford Arm, which was deserted compared to the last time we were here. The weather probably had a lot to do with it. Tied up right at the end, and only 20 yards from The Wharf Inn, after a brief trip across the border into Northamptonshire to buy milk, and to renew our acquaintance with Postman Pat, we retired for lunch.

Owl CountryOwl Country

Back on the main line, we tied up for the night next to this large rough pasture field. It might not look much, but as it got dark, we had splendid flying display from a large barn owl hunting for supper. Seemingly unaware – or at least unfazed – by our presence the other side of the see-through hedgerow, we had some superb close up views of it aerobatically quartering the area, and once diving into the grass (albeit returning without any small furry rodent in it’s clutches).

Another short cruise in the morning and we moored up in pleasant farmland.

TreeLeicester Section Summit Pound

While having lunch aboard, there was a very odd noise, and that turned out to be a hedge-cutting tractor; clearly dangling the cutter over the top, the farmer had given the towpath side a pretty good haircut too. The tree was a bit of a puzzle too.


Despite the mediocre weather, having worked no locks today, we headed off on a circular walk to get some much needed exercise. We passed several herds of cows, all of which wandered over to investigate – they must be very bored. The hedge-cutter seemed to be following us too – must be that time of year.

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