Yes, We Have No Peewits

Realising as we left Cropredy that the timetable for reaching Oxford was the same as last year (i.e. somewhat limited if we were leaving on the Tuesday and wanted to be in Oxford by Friday lunchtime) we decided that we’d have to get to Banbury before packing up.

Not far from Cropredy is an establishment called Peewit Farm  – it’s a pleasant stretch of the canal where we’ve moored on several occasions, although rather blustery on this occasion. And as always, we’ve never seen a Lapwing near there, even though we’d seen several in the rather wet field adjoining Cropredy Marina this year.

But every time we’ve been past the farm, we’ve heard or seen Curlews, which is odd, as we don’t really think of them as Oxfordshire birds and they’re sadly on the Red List. Seems the RSPB has being trying to change that, and maybe Peewit Farm is due for a change of name. Anyway, yet again we were treated to a Curlew flypast, so far keeping up the perfect score…

With this stretch of the Oxford Canal becoming rather familiar over the years, we didn’t hang around, and hurried into Banbury, eschewing the fresh bread smells of the moorings by Spiceball Park and planting ourselves right in the middle of the Castle Quay shopping centre, ready for a quick shopping expedition before heading off long-haul tomorrow.

Cold, tired and windswept, dinner at Pizza Calzone beckoned… and this time, NO starters. (The portions are – sufficient, shall we say – and last time we ate there, we made the mistake of each having a starter. It’s the only time we can remember needing TWO doggie bags).

This boating is hard work when you’re not used to it!

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