Across the Summit Again

It rained a lot on Sunday night / Monday morning, but not enough to get terribly excited about. Expecting to stay put given the Met Office Yellow Alert, when we surfaced we found that the rain had stopped, and the wind blustery but not overly remarkable. Looking at the latest info, it was clear that the really bad stuff had missed us by about 50 miles to the East. Looked a bit grim back home though!

So, dry, but with overcast skies and fair old wind, we decided to set off, if only as far as The Wharf Inn at Fenny Compton to grab a pint of milk. As it happened, it wasn’t too bad boating, so we carried on, eventually mooring up near the radio mast that keeps appearing from different directions, and on Tuesday, in sunshine and warmer air we carried on the familiar route down Napton Locks to moor up right outside The Folly Inn. A May Day Steak DInner called!

As always seems to be the case crossing the summit, we saw something interesting flying (fairly) low level. This time it was a Douglas DC3 (Dakota). We’ve seen one around the Oxford Canal before: wonder if there’s one based at Kidlington or Coventry.

We’ve done this stretch quite a few times now, and there’s more blurb and some pictures from our 2016 trip here.

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