Biggles Takes an Early Bath

Moored on the outskirts of Banbury in a quiet area between two lift bridges, we were getting out of bed (relatively) early on the Sunday morning when we heard a slight splash. A few seconds later, looking out the window, we saw a small grey rat-like animal swimming for all it’s worth across the cut. Closer examination showed it to be Biggles, doing his best to emulate Captain Webb from Dawley in A Shropshire Lad and become the first cat to swim the Channel – sorry, Canal.

Don’t know why he didn’t come out the side the boat was moored… he did manage however to climb/drag himself up the Armco pilings and out of the water on the other side, no mean feat in itself, whereupon he loudly boasted of his exploit by cowering down and howling piteously.

Get out of that then...Oxford Canal Bridge 273

A passing dog walker apprised us of the fact that – unlike our last overnight stay here – my frantic tugging at the rope would be a waste of time as both nearby swing bridges were locked in the up position and the nearest foot crossing was a mile downstream. A frantic five minutes ensued manoeuvring Song & Dance sideways across the cut while Biggles hid from the dogs off the leash on his side. He declined a warm shower after his exploit, and after a thorough towelling down spent the rest of the day licking himself and sulking.

2 thoughts on “Biggles Takes an Early Bath

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