How Much is that Doggie?

Tuesday morning, and a fair one at that. The waterfront was quiet, there were no obvious boat movements, and the cook decided that she really did have to spend time on her favourite hobby, and make another trip to Waitrose for milk and bread. After all, they do do decent free coffee… and the walk would take us past a fancy chandlery, where we could stock up on boaty things.

Ely WaterfrontDrainpipe

All the while taking time to admire the deserted waterfront and a rather strange line in drainpipes.

How things used to be...How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

The walk up the hill to the town centre passes some nice old cottages, and we really did wonder how much they wanted for the doggie.


And halfway up, this road sign seemed to sum up the adventures of the Song & Dance crew pretty well.

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