Indian Country Chill Out

The FO learnt to fly on Piper aircraft: a Piper Cherokee Warrior to be precise. Back then they named all their aircraft after Red Indians, and the FO has flown (amongst others) a Twin Comanche, a Seneca, and an Aztec. So when he hears the name Piper, Red Indians spring to mind. Having ] moved on to a Piper boat (a very different company), the name still vaguely conjures up Indian connotations. And as Piper Boat’s factory is only a few miles from where we are: just the other side of Mow Cop, it seems reasonable to consider this as Indian Country. And unsurprisingly, being close to the factory, we see quite a few Piper Boats floating around.

Moon over Mow CopPiper Boats from Mow Cop

Here’s a couple of piccies taken back at the very beginning, when Song & Dance was but a glint her mother’s eye and we were visiting the factory. Piper Boats is one of the white buildings in the middle distance.

A few days ago, in the Aqueduct Marina, we saw Om Shanti – made in 2011 it had just been sold to a new owner, who proudly showed us round. It was quite strange: the outer shell was very like Sir’s boat, apart from a cruiser stern, but inside the layout was different. The actual furnishings were very similar in design and construction, and to quote The Hitchhiker’s Guide it was almost, but not entirely unlike Song & Dance. The proud new owner declined our offer to show her round Biggles’ boat, in case she preferred it!

We’ve also seen Naiad in Nantwich, and immediately opposite our moorings was another Piper boat, without an obvious name. No doubt we’ll see some more as we head up the Macclesfield.

The moorings were most pleasant with their neatly refurbished railings and nice views over to Little Moreton Hall, and the weather initially clement: we spent Tuesday doing not a lot, apart from watching the forecast bad weather slowly close in. By late afternoon the front arrived, and the rain, thunder and lightning were most impressive…

Ramsdell Visitor MooringsRamsdell Visitor Moorings

Wednesday morning dawned with thick fog. We’d vaguely arranged to meet up with an old friend who lives in Macclesfield, but his garden was under water and his roof was leaking, so we took a rain check…

Ramsdell Visitor MooringsRamsdell Visitor Moorings

The fog soon cleared, and we headed off for Congleton and places North.

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