A Russian Interlude

The reason for getting to Bugbrooke at this particular time was to go to the annual Russian Blue Breeders’ Association cat show, as we were suffering grey cat withdrawal symptoms. We had in the past showed Biggles (who did rather well) but hadn’t been for a few years. First, a recce.

Moored at Bugbrooke wharf, immediately opposite a pub called – wait for it – The Wharf, we wandered in at about 16:30 to check it out. We know it was Friday afternoon, but It was mobbed. Also just opposite Song & Dance was a large advert for a pub in town that had come highly recommended; their Farcebook page had an urgent advert for kitchen staff dated September 5th. And a post on September 12th saying they’d shut until further notice. Apparently the “third” pub in Bugbrooke had also closed for the time being. No wonder The Wharf was mobbed.

Our reconnoitre showed Bugbrooke to be a reasonable sized village, with a Cricket Club, a Football Club,  and a decent sized modern Community Centre, yet only one (out of town) pub, a tiny convenience store, and a pet shop. Rather odd. So dinner at The Wharf it was.

Saturday lunchtime saw us walking across the fields to the Community Centre in pleasant sunshine. It was nice to meet up again with some old acquaintances, and confirm that if we ever decide to recruit another Captain for us to serve, it would be a Russian Blue. Mind you, the chief cook was also very taken with a Chartreuse cat – a new breed to the UK – and similar in many ways to Russians. There may be trouble ahead.

As the show closed, and facing a longish walk back to the boat, you can guess what we won in the raffle… a large and heavy bag of cat litter. Mutter mutter.

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