After the cat show, we didn’t really feel like heading immediately home, so rather than wind at Bugbrooke we decided to head off in rather pleasant weather down to Gayton Junction (where the Northampton Arm heads off), where we could (a) wind the boat and (b) take on some water. Approaching the Junction, it was clear we were entering prime wide-beam territory, and with them moored both sides finding a path through was a challenge…

Wide Beams

Just about managed to catch a piccy of the splendidly named narrowboat QWERTY, with Caps Lock as its home base. (Strange that that lock isn’t in the Canal Planner Database).

QwertyBail Faster! 

We were rather taken with the little run-around spotted in a Bugbrooke back garden too as we cruised back through in the opposite direction. Click on the photo if you can’t read the name…

A few miles further on past Bugbrooke we’d reached a pleasant spot we’d earmarked a few days before as a good mooring for the return trip. There was a narrowboat already there, but enough room for two. As we drew close there was a sign hanging from the tiller that said “just Married”, so we carried on a bit further, just in case they got too energetic and started rocking their boat enough to cause waves…

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