The Captain has complained that your scribe rather glossed over the last few days on the Montgomery Canal, so here are a few more pics…

Near Queen's Head

Here’s a rather nice spot just up from Queen’s Head. A fine old warehouse building lurks behind the crossover bridge, but it’s followed by a tight bend, and your trusty photographer was too busy steering to snap anything else. If you click on the photo and look carefully, the blemish over the bridge is actually a buzzard.

Low PoundStuck.

The middle pound at Frankton Locks was indeed very low: at least a foot down, and when the available draught is only about two and half feet that kind of matters. The chap behind was a bit keen, and trying to pass the opposition traffic managed to put both of them firmly aground.

Frankton StaircaseCracker

The chief cook wanted everyone to know that she really did know how to work a staircase lock, and Cracker just wanted to say hello again. He was on loan to take a historic boat down to the Canal Centre for their forthcoming canal festival weekend.

Right. Can I go back to sleep now, Sir?

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