More Old Friends

Just approaching the obligatory stop for lunchtime bacon sandwiches at The Pig Place, we met Ian and the aforementioned Cuckoo’s Nest returning to Cropredy from an Easter week cruise. A quick wave  and “how are you” is about the only conversation possible before parting company at a combined speed of 5 knots. At least you don’t notice the Doppler effect!

The Pig Place is also wall-to-wall with whippets racing around, so Biggles remained firmly asleep out of sight while the crew satisfied their non-vegetarian tendencies. Mind you, Fran had to be forcibly restrained from stealing and smuggling on board one of the the delightful three-week-old whippet pups.

With the already strong wind picking up even more, manoeuvring the boat was becoming more and more challenging, and at Aynho Bridge we had our first serious mishap… not sure who won, Song & Dance or the bridge, but let’s just say we took some souvenirs with us.

The intention of getting to Somerton Deep Lock for the night was abandoned for somewhere more sheltered!

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